Reporting Results Tutorial

Reporting Results Tutorial


From this season on, there is a new system for “Reporting Results” of matches. Not only will it be easier for member teams but it will also speed up the access of data, as your web site will be updated much quicker than it has been in the past.

 An explanation of how the system functions, and what secretaries have to do, is obviously necessary although there is no “rocket science” needed here and everyone should grasp the concept without any difficulty. 

The tutorial video (below) will run you through the system and make it easy for you.


 In light of changes to the system, there have been changes to Directive 6, which deals with Reporting Results and is available on site, and there is a new directive that has been included in the league manual - 51 Web Access Login. (Shown here)  

(51) To facilitate the requirement for teams to submit their results on to the League Database, by accessing specific pages, each Secretary will be issued with a login password, for their club, to be used in conjunction with their personal email address.

They will be able to access full details of the league referees and the specific referee allocated to their individual fixtures.

Following on from Directive 6 they will be able to submit their result, as required by the league. 

The league will hold each secretary responsible for completing the information submissions required by the deadlines stipulated. Any silly mistakes that results in the data tables being unable to show updates will be classed as a submission failure by the offending team who will then be fined in accordance with the league directives. 

Submitting incorrect data will be looked on a serious offence.

All submissions are dated and timed by the system itself and teams will be automatically fined if they fail to report before the specified deadlines (as shown in directive 6) 


If the secretary is going away, or on holiday, and will not be available to submit any specific result , The Secretary ...

(1) must advise the league of the specific dates.

(2) must arrange for an alternate club official to submit the result. 

Any temporary official designated to submit results or access login required pages would be issued a temporary password, to their own email address, for the period it is required only. The simple passing on of original passwords will (1) not work and (2) will be treated as a team not following directives of the league with fines issued in accordance with league directives. 

Temporary login passwords will be issued upon application to the web site technical controller and will only work for the dates specified originally. 

Secretaries will be able to access and submit from their mobile devices, so there can be no excuses accepted for lateness. 

Only in the most extreme cases will the league accept the results of a game in any other manner than the method prescribed.