It is the responsibility of each team within the Solihull and District Oakbourne League to ensure that the players that they field in any match are eligible to play. Apart from the general league requirements regarding players, the team must ensure that the player is not serving a suspension, or ban, imposed by the FA.

Birmingham County FA have a suspended player listing that is available, on line, as part of their web site. The link for the specific page is always displayed on our own league web site. 

No excuse will be accepted by the league should a team field any player who is later discovered to be suspended or banned.

Teams should check the eligibility of their own players on a regular basis to prevent themselves from falling into the “suspension” trap. Teams should note that the league indications (shown on team details pages of the league web site) are not to be relied on. Just because the player is not shown on our own site to be suspended does not mean that he is eligible to play. And the inclusion of players, or exclusion of players, eligibility on the league web site will not be accepted as an excuse for fielding a player who turns out to be ineligible through suspension.

 Fielding ineligible players (who are suspended by the FA) can be a costly affair as the league will fine teams concerned and award matches to their opposition and the County FA will also take action on both the player concerned and the team / club.