All teams (both Home and Away) must enter their result, goal scorers and referee marks, on-line, as prescribed by the league, before 2 pm. on the day of the match, for Sunday fixtures and before 10pm on the day of a mid-week fixture. In general, these results and details can no longer be submitted by telephone or electronic communications.

Any failure to comply with the clauses shown above will result in a fine of £20 being issued against the offending club. If the result is overdue by 60 minutes or the failure is not the first occasion in any given season, the matters will be referred to the

Management Committee / League Council who will be empowered to issue further fines not to exceed a total of £30.00 and / or deal further with the specific club in question in a manner it deems fit

Further should a member of the Management Committee be forced to contact a club secretary to ascertain information that should have been already reported, the club judges to be offending will be charged the costs incurred of any such contact.

Any problems with reporting results, you must contact the League General Secretary immediately.

See Directive 51 dealing with web site access login