The removal of full member teams, from the Solihull and District Oakbourne Football League, can be done so on committee decision, at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose, where it is felt necessary by the ruling league council. 

 The full details of the basic procedures at this type of meeting are issued prior to any such meeting called by the League Committee. Clubs in question must be given reasonable notice of such a meeting, and also be made aware of the league committee recommendation regarding the issue to be voted upon.

 In exceptional cases, the council reserve the right to suspend, or even expel, any team without prior consultation with the remaining full member clubs

 All teams joining the Solihull & District Oakbourne Football League are deemed to be probationary teams until they have been advised that full membership has been awarded to them. Normally this would be the case following an initial full season with the league.

 Any removal of teams deemed to be on probation within the league is done so by a league council direction and is not put before member teams for approval.

Additional Notes:

 The Solihull and District Oakbourne Football League is set up to be "friendly, yet a competitive" type of league. The ruling league committee will not condone any form of bad behaviour within the member teams, and violence by anyone who is part of or attached to a member team. Teams must follow the guidelines of the ruling league council at all times.