During the playing season Player Registration forms that are with the relevant registrations secretary by 8pm (20:00 hours) on Wednesday, of any given week, will be processed in time for the player to be eligible to play on the following Sunday. (Assuming that all details are correct and the registration application is acceptable and that the game in question is not governed by any ruling regarding number of games played or the player is ineligible for reasons of having already played in a specific competition for another team within the league.) Teams should also refer to Directive 9 which contains information about the correct manner in which to complete and send in the "player registration forms"


Emergency goalkeepers can be signed up till 10am on a Sunday Morning, the registration of an Emergency goalkeeper must be forwarded to the General Secretary with reasoning as to why an emergency Goalkeeper is required, the general secretary will seek committee advice and pass on the registration to the registrations secretary if accepted, the ruling council have the right to refuse an Emergency Goalkeeper registration. The last date for emergency goalkeepers will be the same as all registrations, March 1st


 In general, once a registration is processed fully it will be made available on your team page on the website, if it is not online the player is still deemed ineligible.


A registration fee of £1.00 per player is due for every registration made. Teams will be invoiced, in the normal manner, for this.


8(b) Prior to the playing season teams are requested to get their registration forms in to the relevant registrations secretary as soon as possible. With a huge volume of applications to be processed, in time for the first match of the season, the earlier that applications are received the easier the process becomes and the likelihood of the job not being completed, leaving any teams unable to start the season at a given date, diminishes. Teams should not wait until they have all of their players registration forms ready to but, rather, send in what they have as they get them.

 Every team is instructed to have at least 11 players fully registered by the last day of July, in any given season. Any teams failing to fulfil this requirement will be fined £2.00 for each player below the requisite number of 11.

 Prior to the first fixtures meeting of any given season, teams will be given a further deadline for sending in their remaining player registrations. Any registrations that are not received by this deadline will not be guaranteed to be processed by the start of the season.


 8(c)  A team is only allowed to have a maximum of 30 players registered, and eligible to play, at any given time throughout a season. Should a team have the maximum figure of 30 players signed and wishes to register another player they must firstly de-register a player prior to any new registration being processed.


The last date for any registrations is March 1st