All clubs are directed by the League Management Committee that player’s identity are to be considered as the most important part.

 Player Identity is from the league web site on the relevant team page, containing the players Name, Picture, Registration date and Unique ID Number

 Any player taking part in a match without a valid registration on the league website is considered to be ineligible to have played in that match, unless special permission is given by the registrations secretary for a player to take part .

 Any member of the League Management Committee, or the officially appointed match referee, can view a teams Player registration page at any time prior to, during or after the match. If in the opinion of that member, or official,.

 Any discrepancies into the player’s identity on a clubs page is down to the officials of that club, it is your responsibility to check your team page and report any problems or discrepancies to the league registrations secretary.

 A charge of £2 applies to player pictures or details requested to be updated, throughout the playing season, even though this may be at the request of the league council. Clubs should note that it is their responsibility to ensure that pictures of players gives a true representation of their current appearance.

 Any member club who has an issue with another club regarding the eligibility of players on the "day of a fixture" should contact the League General Secretary, or League Registrations Secretary, to be given a temporary ruling on the matter. Where possible the Secretary will liaise with the club secretaries and match officials in order to solve the issue in such a way that the fixture can proceed. The issue will then be referred to the Ruling Management Committee for further adjudication.