A “new player” is deemed to be one that the MEMBER team do not hold a relevant Player ID  for. If this is the case a player registration forms (to be downloaded from the league web site) must be completed and the original form sent to the relevant registrations secretary for approval and process. The club and individual player must enter all the required information, on these forms. Club secretaries should be aware of all the requirements as if the forms are not completed correctly the specific registration will not be processed. (Also refer to 9(b) for further details of all the items required on these forms)

 On the player registration forms, players must show ALL other clubs that they played for during the previous season.  Any details omitted may cause immediate permanent suspension. Players must show ALL other clubs that they will be playing for during the current season. Should they join another club after filling in this form and being registered within the league, they do undertake by signing the form, to advise the team who are part of the Solihull & District Oakbourne Football League immediately. Team concerned must then pass on this information, immediately, to the League General Secretary Any failure of any member team to advise of detail changes to the league.

 9(b) FURTHER NOTES ON REQUIREMENTS from teams/players with regard to the registration forms for players.

 The form must show :-

(i) The name of the member club.

(ii) The player surname.

(iii) The players correct Christian names.

(iv) The players current address, including postcode.

(v) A home or Mobile contact number for the player.

(vi) The players correct date of birth.

(vii) Clubs played for during previous season. (excluding the member club itself)

(viii) Other Clubs signed for in the season of application.

 Further, the player must sign (his normal signature) WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE BOX available on the form. NOTE: If the player signature is not within the space provided, the registration will be deemed to be unacceptable and not processed. A new form will be then required to be filled in and signed.



 (i) The player photograph must be a passport picture.


if you are not sending yur registraton forms electronically then the use of a glue stick is recommended as use of sellotape, and a multitude of other products, will damage and, therefore also, distort the image making it unacceptable. Please do not write on the back of pictures as it can destroy the printed surface and make the processing of such a picture impossible.

 (ii) With regard to all the player photographs that will be held within the league records. Unless the league are requesting ALL NEW Photographs in any season, existing member teams, within the Solihull & District Oakbourne Football League, season to season, will be issued with a list of players for which the file picture is still acceptable. If a picture is deemed required for a player who has previously been registered with the team, the club must send a new current photograph with the new form for the current season or the registration of the player will not be processed. In general, the league expect the “life” of any file picture to be 4-5 years.

 (iii) Teams who may have younger players, whose features change a lot within a particular season would be well advised to submit a recent one even if they have not been requested to do so. Any council member who, on inspection player ID, feels that a photo is "out of date" can report the matter to the registrations secretary who will request a current, new, photograph of the player such reported. This player would then become ineligible to play for the team until the photograph is received and a new ID is uploaded to your team page.

 (iv) Player photographs may, if the member teams desire, be updated at any point within the actual season. Should the team wish to update a picture they should arrange this with the relevant registration secretary. Players having their photos updated in this manner, and not by direction from the league, would still be eligible to play for the team using their existing ID. When the updated photograph is processed, and a new ID is available, the picture online will be uploaded in exchange for the old one.