In conjunction with the rulings in the FA official handbook, the Home Club must provide goal nets, corner flags and match balls. These items must also be deemed, by the Solihull & District Oakbourne League Council, acceptable for use in the competition. Any failure to comply with this league directive will result in the offending team being issued a fine of £10.00, for each breech of the directive, and the matter will be referred to the Management Committee who will insist that no further games be played at the venue without assurances that the missing items, or those deemed unsuitable requiring replacement, are made available for future home fixtures.

 Please note that as far as nets are concerned they must also be secured correctly and pinned down to the ground in such a manner that there are no gaps, holes or any other anomalies that the referee may deem unacceptable. Not: Home teams should always have a readily available supply of pegs etc.: as the match officials may insist on nets being re-pegged prior to a game if they are not happy with them.

 Please note that corner posts, must have flags on them, and conform to the accepted safety regulations as well as being deemed acceptable by the league and all match officials. If corner flags are deemed unacceptable, by the match official, the decision to play that game is left to the discretion of the referee. In any event the offending equipment may not be used.

 If any failure to provide necessary equipment results in a match not being played, the offending team will be also subject to the fines, and consequences, applicable to that issue.