Wherever possible. The Solihull and District Oakbourne Football League try to ensure that the member teams do not have to play matches on any other day but Sunday. However, if there should be any backlog of fixtures meaning that the season cannot be completed at the set date, mid-week match fixtures will be issued and are governed by all league directives in the same manner as Sunday morning matches.

 Fixtures are initially shown as "to be completed within week commencing" and teams are then asked to arrange with their opposition the most suitable evening for the match to be played. The Solihull & District Oakbourne League fixtures secretary will set a date by which all teams must advise of arrangements that have been made regarding their home mid-week matches and, as possible, officials will be arranged for the game.

 The Solihull and District Oakbourne League fixtures secretary may well accept the fixture being moved into a different week, if both teams agree, and required officials are available, providing the week falls within the set dates of the actual league playing season, as specified at the preceding Annual General Meeting of the league.

 Should a team not advise of any arrangements made, by the given date, the fixtures secretary will then set the day of the match as being the Wednesday, of the original given week? Once this has been done, no fixture changes will be accepted and the match must go ahead on the date set. Failure of any team to comply will result in the match and points being awarded to their opposition & the team responsible for the match not being played will be liable for the standard fine for not fulfilling a fixture. Teams should also note that if they are found guilty of not fulfilling their fixtures they can be automatically deemed to lose their team deposit/bond (see League Directive 1b) and would be required to furnish a new deposit/bond when applying for the next playing season.

 There are exceptions to this directive in respect of matches that decide championships. Teams should refer to directive 41

  There can be no appeal regarding mid-week fixture dates being set by the league. Teams should ensure that they follow the correct procedures in the first instance and advise the league before the date, and time, set as a deadline to do so.