The Solihull and District Oakbourne Football League deem that it is unsatisfactory and unacceptable for league titles or cup competition championships to be awarded by any form of default.

Whilst reserving the right to award matches and points throughout the season, when teams have not fulfilled fixtures or fallen into other categories that call for a council decision to take such action, the deciding of league titles and cup championships will be treated as a separate issue. After, and including March 1st in any given season or prior to that if council deem it to be relevant, in all cases, the league will insist that fixtures that effect the league positions, and therefore, titles or cup championships be played as per date, time and venue specified by the fixtures secretary.

Teams that do not comply with this directive, and do not play such matches, will be not only fined for non-completion of their fixtures but will further be deemed to have brought the league into disrepute. Any such team will be dealt with in the severest manner open to the league council. Teams should also note that if they are found guilty of not fulfilling their fixtures they can be automatically deemed to lose their team deposit/bond (see League Directive 1b) and would be required to furnish a new deposit/bond when applying for the next playing season.

 If all other options, to get a specific fixture that falls into the category of “deciding titles” played, fail the league council reserve the right to cancel any of the given competitions that are scheduled within the league structure for any particular season at any point in their actual progress. In the case of cup competitions, this could mean that the actual final would be cancelled and the trophies available would not be used. In the case of a league title, the title and individual awards for that particular season would not be presented.

The league council would make the decision on what is actually recorded within the archived records, of the league. However, it would be normal for the council to request input from the member teams prior to any such decision being made.