Aims & Objectives

To facilitate an amateur football league, with a maximum of 60 member teams, and provide the management of all aspects including finance, fixtures, referees, Promote the ethos of the league and ensure fair play, respect and integrity whilst adhering to the rules and regulations of a parent body, Birmingham County Football Association, who they will be affiliated to.


The elected officers will have the following responsibilities and can include:

Raising funds

Recruit volunteers

Buy / loan or lease equipment or property

Receive and manage funds / membership fees

Working partnership with other organisations

Any other legal activities necessary to fulfil aims and objectives.

Manage league disciplinary issues to include member clubs and registered players.

Management Committee / League Council

The elected management committee is responsible to oversee the running of the Solihull & District Oakbourne Football League and make decisions and policy. The management committee can also appoint honorary members and co-opt members to the committee who can provide specialist skills. In addition there are items following that are also the committees’ responsibility. The composition of the management committee is as follows:


General Secretary

Treasurer Fixtures Secretary

Referees Secretary

Registration Secretary

Press Secretary

Cup Final Competitions and Events Manager

Club Liaison

County Football Association Representative

Other Ex-Official elected officers

Note: A committee member may take on more than one position.

Term of office

All Management Committee Officers and members are elected for a twelve-month term but can stand automatically for re -election at the Annual General Meeting, held in June of each year.

Powers and Responsibilities of Elected Officers and Committee Members


- To control and manage all meetings effectively

- To co-ordinate all elected officers and members activities

- To have an additional casting vote in the event of a tied resolution

- Oversee appointment of external auditors when necessary as directed by the decision of the management committee.

General Secretary

- Liaison with County Football Association

- Issue of league instructions to member teams

- Ensure compliance to football league rules and procedures

- Provide any data, or details, that are requested by the parent body.

- Collate all club affiliation and insurance details required, from member teams, and then to register the league correctly with the parent body.

- Promote the league with a view to external sponsorship

- Promote the league in respect of the addition of new member teams

- General co-ordination of all aspects of the Annual General Meetings including the provision of optional ballot papers.

- The General Secretary cannot act in isolation and must abide by the majority decisions taken by the management committee, but can veto any such council decisions that are not permitted by the parent body.


- To produce quarterly (March, June, September and December) balance sheets for the committee.

- To produce audited annual accounts for the committee that then can be put before the AGM.

- The full management committee must approve all expenditure over the figure of £250, unless it is a recurrent expenditure.

- The full management committee must sanction any loans made by the league.

- The Treasurer cannot act in isolation and must abide by the majority decisions taken by the management committee.

- Issue of league fines, and fees, in line with league directives.

Fixtures Secretary

- To establish venues in respect of park pitches and create a schedule to reflect the pitch availability to teams who share venues with others.

- To produce league fixture lists.

- To incorporate within fixture lists cup competitions and events

- To amend fixtures effected by weather etc.

- Attend meetings.

- The term “where possible” is appropriate to all the above items.

Referees Secretary

- Recruit sufficient referees to cover all league and cup fixtures

- To appoint referees to each league and cup competition game, giving consideration to referee requirements and ensuring the allocations are in line with the best options regarding the league fair play system.

- To advise the League General Secretary, with sufficient notice, of the allocations made which will then be displayed on the league web site and/or sent to the home teams in each case.

- To produce a full listing of officials to include address, contact numbers, email address and referee level. The listing should also show the referees that are applying for promotion in any given season.

- The term “where possible” is appropriate to all the above items.

Cup Final Competitions and Events Manager

- To ensure that Match Day Programmes are designed, and produced, giving due care and attention to the required quality and specifications requested by the management committee.

- To ensure that sufficient persons are available to act as stewards, attendants and officials at such events.

- To co-ordinate the provision of required equipment, paperwork and awards for each of the finals, or events, being staged.

Registration Secretary

- To keep an accurate listing of any players who are banned from the league and to investigate, where required, the playing record of any other players who apply to become a part of any member team.

- To keep an accurate listing of any players who owe fees etc.: to any of the member teams within the league and to refuse the right to play for another team until the issues are resolved.

- To keep an accurate listing of all transfers and notify teams should any player be then classed as cup tied.

- To maintain a high level of quality for all player pictures submitted to the league in respect of applications for players in line with league directives.

- To process applications and produce player ID Cards as applicable.

- To de-register players at the request of the team they are registered for.

- To de-register players at their own request or in line with league decisions.

- To check that ineligible players have not featured in league or cup games

Press Secretary

- To ensure that weekly results, and updated league tables, are issued, to whatever media is in use by the deadline set by that media and liaise with the media to gain extra coverage for the league throughout the season (Match – Team Photographs etc.:)

Clubs’ Liaison Officer

- To be an first point of contact for all clubs issues

- To deal with such issues, either personally or by reporting the matter to the full management council for their consideration.

- To be a contact to deal with, and correct, issues that league committee members may have with specific teams.

Football League Representative

- To attend all County FA Meetings

- Report back to management committee all relevant County FA Matters

Ex-Official Members (elected or co-opted)

- To carry out duties as designated by the management committee

Representative Football Team Manager

- To select members from member teams for the Rep Team Squad, in accordance with the wishes of the management council.

- To arrange matches for the team as specified by the management committee in any given season.

- To arrange training sessions for the representative team squad, and ensure that all equipment required, including playing kit, is available and up to the high standard expected by the league management committee.

- To collate a full listing, updated as necessary, of all squad members and provide this to the League General Secretary for it to be available to the management committee as required.

- Not holding a position on the committee, but reports to the committee.

League Disciplinary Issues: Where disciplinary issues arise the committee will comprise of a minimum of three members none of which will be associated with a team in the league where possible.

Meetings: Management Committee / League Council meetings are held monthly throughout the calendar year. In addition extraordinary meetings can be called as required. Attendance is restricted to Committee members or persons invited by the Chairperson.

League Meetings, for all member teams, are held every two months throughout the league season. Attendance is restricted to member clubs or invited guests by the Chairperson.

Annual General Meeting: Held each June and attendance is open to all current league clubs as invited by the committee.

All meetings to be minuted and approved and signed at the commencement of the following Management Committee meeting.

Each committee meeting must consist of more than 50% of the elected members to represent a quorum.

Method of voting: Each committee member will be entitled to one vote including Chairperson who also has a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. Voting will be carried out by a show of hands unless any, single, or more members wish to vote by closed ballot.

All requests for an extra ordinary meeting must be submitted to the Chairperson and seconded by a second elected member.)

Committee Meeting Agendas: Before each Management Committee meeting the Chairperson will issue an agenda.

Any additional items for the agenda must be submitted to the Chairperson one week prior to the meeting date.

Procedure if an officer leaves during term of office If an elected officer resigns during the term of their office, the management Committee will appoint a temporary replacement for the remainder of the elected term of office. If the officer leaving is the treasurer, then it must be a competent person with the ability to carry out the job who is known to the committee. This position would only be offered following an interviewing procedure.

Procedure to remove an officer during term. When circumstances where it is deemed a committee member is not fulfilling their role, or for exceptional circumstances, the council have the power to remove the member by council vote, or at their discretion call an Emergency General Meeting involving the teams. This is done at council discretion, any appeals are to go to Birmingham County F.A

Amendment of Constitution: Any amendments to the constitution will be raised and voted upon at the League Annual General Meetings.

Dissolution: Should it become necessary for the dissolution of the competition, notices to the effect will be circulated to all league clubs. Any remaining funds after all debts have been paid will be deemed to be the property of all, fully paid up, member teams who are correctly registered to the league at the time of dissolution.