In conjunction with Council Directive 15, any club being responsible for a match not starting at the appointed time will be issued with a fine of £20.00

 Further fines in respect of the (a) the match form, therefore, not being submitted to the referee 10 (ten) minutes prior to the appointed kick off time and (b) failure to present the first aid kit to the referee, may also be issued (Refer to Directive 15)

 If, after 15 minutes past the appointed time, the game has not kicked-off, an officially appointed referee may abandon the fixture, in both league and cup competition matches, in favour of the team that are present and ready to play. League Council will then award the match with a 0-0 score line to the team that were present, after ratification of decisions made.

 The offending team will be deemed to have not competed a scheduled match and will be fined £50.00 (in accordance with directive 15)

 Teams still retain their right of appeal which must follow the league guidelines shown in directive 27.

 If a league match kicks off late, an officially appointed referee may reduce the playing time of the match in accordance with the relevant lateness of the kick off.

 In the case of Cup Competitions matches that kick off late due to the fault of one team, the recommendation from the league council, to referees, is to play the full 90 minute game. However, if the scores are level at the conclusion of this period, there should be no extra time played and the team adjudged to have caused the late kick-off shall forfeit the match.

 If an officially appointed referee is present and awards a match to any specific team, he is entitled to his FULL match fee. In line with Directive 2, referee fees are shared between the two teams that are scheduled to play. The HOME TEAM secretary should ensure that the referee is paid his full fees and claim the AWAY team half (where they fail to arrive or pay the fee) from the Committee. Teams should be aware that matches awarded to any specific team, by a referee, will be referred to the league council for ratification.

 If such a claim is made, the committee will issue an immediately required fee payment to the offending team

  IF THERE IS NO OFFICIALLY APPOINTED REFEREE at a match, and a team has failed to kick-off or arrive by the FIFTEEN minute deadline, the secretary of the team present should contact The League General Secretary, Chairman or Fixtures Secretary for a ruling on procedure.