The “HOME CLUB” secretary should contact the League Referees Secretary on, or before, the Wednesday that precedes a

Sunday match to confirm the availability of an official for the said match, if an official has not already been allocated.

The "HOME CLUB" secretary should confirm a Sunday Match, by 9.00 pm. on the preceding Wednesday to both the "AWAY

CLUB" secretary and the given Match Officials. It is the responsibility of the Home Club secretary to advise of the address of venue, relevant directions to the ground (if applicable), the kick-off time and the team colours.

It is considered good practise to get all confirmation done as early as possible. Further, it is a good idea to confirm the fixture with the opposition prior to contacting the match official as he may wish to know details of the kit colours.

Any failure to comply with each individual section of this league directive will result in a £20.00 fine being issued to the Home

Club. Further, if a match official is not confirmed in the same time scale expected, he may then be reappointed to a different match at the discretion of the referee’s secretary.

If an appointed Match Official cannot be contacted before the Wednesday deadline, or advise that he is unable to accept the appointment, the Home Club secretary should contact the League Referees Secretary.

In the event of bad weather etc.: ALL clubs must report to their venue unless a notice of cancellation has been made in the "Birmingham Mail" or advice has been given on the Oakbourne web site, or in the case of private grounds, pitches are called off by the ground staff. Telephone calls to a venue will not be accepted as any reason for the game being called off.

Whenever possible, Parks pitch conditions, and any reports of games being called off by their governing bodies, may be found in information contained within the league web site. Note that teams do not have any right (under any circumstances) to call off their own fixtures. The league, as a general rule, only accept a match being called off by an appointed official.

In the event of the game being called off, by league or official, prior to the arrival at the venue, the Home Secretary should contact the Away Secretary and the Match Officials and advise them both accordingly.

Any failure to comply with this directive will result in a £20.00 fine being issued to the Home Club.