Any change of details regarding any teams within the Solihull and District Oakbourne League must be sent, in writing, or by email, to the General Secretary immediately they occur. Details referred to include: (a) team colours (b) pitch details (c) change of secretary (d) change of manager (e) any change of contacts and changes of telephone numbers and email addresses. Clubs should be aware that changes to items (a) to (d) inclusive, above, must have the approval of the Ruling League Council to be accepted by the league and utilised by the club concerned. In the case of changes to registered secretary of the club, once the league has accepted a change, the club concerned must inform Birmingham County FA of the changes made.

 This directive also refers to player information including : (i) basic address and contact numbers (ii) further requested information regarding other teams being played for by specific player in the current season, as per requirements shown on the registration forms.

  Failure of teams to comply with this league directive, in terms of detail changes for the club, will result in a fine of £10.00 being issued against the offending club.

 Failure to comply with this league directive, in terms of detail changes for players, will result in a fine of the same level being issued against the club and the matter will be reported to the ruling league council who may take further action and issue extra fines (against players and clubs) as they deem fit.

  As with all league fines issued, any fines sent to the clubs in respect of players remain the responsibility of the club to make payment. Non-payment by individual players is a matter for the club itself and not the Solihull & District Oakbourne Football League.