This section shows the basic constitution of the league, as required by the Birmingham County Football Association, whom the league is affiliated with. Further, it includes specific items that have been agreed by the ruling league council in respect of our financial status, accountability and, also, the restrictions that can be placed on individuals, within the membership of the league council, under certain situations. Whilst the majority of the following has been taken for granted in past seasons, the ruling council decided at a meeting on Tuesday 25th June 2013 that it should be included within the directives for general access.


 49(a) This Competition shall be designated the Solihull and District Oakbourne Football League and known as the same and shall consist of not more than 60 clubs approved by the sanctioning authority. All such Member Clubs must be affiliated to an affiliated County Football Association and their names and particulars shall be returned annually by the appointed date on the Form “D” to the Birmingham County Football Association. The area covered by the Competition Membership shall be in the main Solihull, and surrounding districts, and Birmingham. This Competition shall apply annually for sanction to the Birmingham County Football Association and the constituent teams of Member Clubs may be grouped in divisions of no more than 12 in number.

No more than one team from a Club can participate in the same division.

This Competition and its Clubs shall support the FA’s Respect programme. As such it recognises that everyone in football has a collective responsibility to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place. A Respect League values the contribution of match officials, players and spectators and ensures that they are treated with courtesy and fairness by opposing players, club officials and spectators. The League and its Clubs will seek to play fixtures in a fair, competitive but not antagonistic environment.

Member Clubs shall not enter any of their teams playing in the Competition in any other Competitions (with the exception of

FA and County FA Competitions) except with the written consent of the Management Committee of the Competition.


 49(b) All of the members of the League Council, without exception, offer their services to this league on a strictly voluntary basis. The Solihull and District Oakbourne Football League do not allow any member of the ruling council to make any direct, or indirect, profit from their involvement with the league or the league council.

In this respect, any specific member of the council becomes responsible to all other members of the council for actions that may have resulted in a breaking of this primary rulings. The specific member would become accountable to the other members and be accountable for justifying any breach of rules. In any severe cases, the membership of the Council could reasonably expect any offending council member to offer their resignation from the league prior to any action being taken for their enforced removal from the council membership.

If a committee member fails to attend 3 meetings in succession without prior notice they will be removed from the council.