An appeal against any fine imposed, or decision made, by the Solihull and District Oakbourne League, MUST be made in WRITING, or by email, to the League General Secretary within SEVEN DAYS of the issue of such a fine, or decision, TOGETHER with a £10.00 appeal deposit. This deposit is refundable if the appeal is successful.
No appeal will be entertained by the League Council if the paperwork is late in arrival or the appeal deposit is not tendered at the time of the appeal.
Appeals will only be accepted from the registered Club Secretary and/or the registered Team Manager.
Where a team wishes to appeal against a fine issued against them, the fine should still be paid before, or by, the due date.
If the subsequent appeal is successful, a fine paid in this manner will be immediately returned to the club together with the appeal fee.
Should a team be dissatisfied with the result of an appeal to the Solihull and District Oakbourne League, they may then appeal direct to the Birmingham County Football Association. Teams should note that bypassing the league appeals procedure and the making of an appeal direct to Birmingham County Football Association is considered as a matter bringing the league into disrepute. (See directive 40)
For any appeals to be made direct to Birmingham County F A, clubs should consult the current Football Association rulings with regard to the relevant appeal deposits and current procedures.
Teams should note that no appeal can be made with regard to all yellow cards issued unless there is a case of mistaken identity. Teams should also be aware that they must supply the name of the actual player, in this instance that should have been named as cautioned to fulfil the requirement of any mistaken identity appeal.