21 Day Notices
This table shows all of the accepted 21-day notices of cancellation of fixtures that have been received by the league. As per our League Directives, teams are allowed to use TWO such cancellations during any one given season. However, they may not use such if the fixture concerned is a cup competition fixture issued prior to the receipt of the cancellation.

In General, throughout the season, 21-day team notices of any match cancellation must be sent to the League Fixtures Secretary with a copy of the request forwarded to League General Secretary, in writing. (Email communications are accepted) Any instances where teams are required to advise of any cancellations, by a specific date, will be notified to all. 21-day notices are not acceptable during the month of May.

Team First 21 day notice Second 21 day notice
AFC Sheldon 17-11-2019
BC United 27-10-2019
Billesley FC
Bordesley Rovers
Cannon Hill FC
Coldlands 06-10-2019
Coronation Star FC 20-10-2019
Dickens Heath
Dingle FC
Falcons United
Fieldhouse 03-11-2019
Glades FC 22-09-2019 08-12-2019
Glades United 24-11-2019
Hampton FC
Hockley Heath Dynamos
Iron Horse
Lanchester United
Team First 21 day notice Second 21 day notice
Land Rover Social
Linden Athletic 15-09-2019
Man On The Moon FC 10-11-2019
Maypole FC
Moseley Town Colts 22-12-2019
Olton Ravens
Phoenix Rangers FC
Sheldon Athletic FC 08-09-2019
Shirley Griffs
Shirley Rovers 05-04-2020
Solihull Astros 27-10-2019
Solihull Lions
Solihull Moors
South Yardley FC
Strawberry Fields 10-11-2019
Westhill Harriers
Yardley Kings