• Linden Athletic - Super Cup Winners 2017/18

  • Linden Athletic - Challenge Cup Winners 2017/18

  • HGC - Presidents Cup Winners 2017/18

  • Coronation Star - Alan Walker Cup Winners 2017/18

  • Glades United - Council Challenge Winners 2017/18

  • Glades United - John Smith Cup Winners 2017/18

  • Solihull Lions - Marlene Ashley Cup Winners 2017/18

Upcoming Matches & Latest Results
Dingle FC P - P Coldlands
16-12-2018 - at Moseley Cricket Club
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Fairfax United P - P Coronation Star FC
16-12-2018 - at Wychall Wanderers FC
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Fieldhouse 2 - 0 Man On The Moon FC
16-12-2018 - at Hillfield Park (3)
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Cole Stephens 1  
Jack Grigg 1  
Glades United 1 - 3 BC United
16-12-2018 - at The Glades
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Edward Lawson 1  
  1 Michael Fahy
  2 Jack Jeffcott
Lanchester United 1 - 5 Westhill Harriers
16-12-2018 - at Lanchester Park
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Craig Coughtrey 1  
  2 Nathaniel Thompson
  1 Mitchel Corfield
  1 David While
  1 Bradley Perkin
Linden Athletic 1 - 1 Hockley Heath Dynamos
16-12-2018 - at Land Rover Pitch 1
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Nathan Tipper 1  
  1 Tom Rippington
Olton Ravens P - P Phoenix Rangers FC
16-12-2018 - at Land Rover Pitch 3
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Shirley Griffs 1 - 2 Glades FC
16-12-2018 - at Palmers Rough
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Daniel Bennett 1  
  1 Nicholas Capewell
  1 Billy Smith-Blain
Shirley Rovers 0 - 4 Cannon Hill FC
16-12-2018 - at Bluebell Rec
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
  1 Adam Haynes
  1 Greg Lord
  1 Harry Street
  1 Antony Young
Solihull Astros 6 - 0 Bordesley Rovers
16-12-2018 - at Light Hall School
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
Michael Moore 3  
David Moore 3  
Sporting Brockhurst 0 - 1 Sheldon Athletic FC
16-12-2018 - at Brockhurst Playing Fields
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
  1 Joel Bartlett
St Bernard’s Grange 0 - 3 Olton Orient
16-12-2018 - at Heath Park (3)
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
  1 Josh Brown
  1 Rehmell Brumant
  1 Ashleigh Brumant
Yardley Kings 0 - 1 Moseley Town Colts
16-12-2018 - at Lyndon PF Wagon Lane
Home Team Goals Away team Goals
  1 Kieran Robotham

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The new information pack (including application forms) can be downloaded, in pdf format, from this site. The league is already arranging interviews for applicants.

There are only limited spaces available for the season ahead and all applications will be dealt with on a "first come, first served" basis. Teams should be aware that, whilst being competitive, our league is a... Read more...

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Reporting Results Tutorial

From this season on, there is a new system for “Reporting Results” of matches. Not only will it be easier for member teams but it will also speed up the access of data, as your web site will be updated much quicker than it has been in the past.

 An explanation of how the system functions, and what secretaries have... Read more...

About our League

Les Hill was a co-founder of the Oakbourne League, which was set up in 1973. Prior to this, friendlies were being played from 1971. He created the league as he wanted teams Read More...

Fixtures 16-12-2018

Alan Walker Cup

John Smiths Cup

Presidents Trophy